An innovative design concept for the bathroom.
Two worktop heights incorporated into a single design.
Bathroom furniture that allows ladies to apply their make-up, do facials, brush their teeth or style their hair while sitting down.
Men, too, can now shave in a sitting position. The design also enables small children to use the lower washbasin comfortably.
The large magnification mirror and innovative built-in make-up lights help you beautify yourself down to the smallest detail.
A matching tall unit helps you optimise your space.
It features useful drawers, optimally placed power outlets, ample storage solutions, an attached towel rail, and interior mirrors to allow you to check your back.
The matching seat completes this more than useful concept.
The beautifully custom-designed functional accessory holder in your unit’s drawers makes sure all your essentials find their rightful place.

A piece of furniture where reason and emotion are perfectly balanced. ~ Axel Enthoven

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