Foqus is a bathroom furniture range with many variants with expressive, linear aesthetics and an accentuated composition of open and closed functional areas. The appearance is characterised by the asymmetrical structure and a stringent emphasis on the vertical. Powerful tribune-shaped shelving elements, open on one side and open to the front, break up the purist front design, giving depth and emotional suspense to the ensemble. 38-mm-thick with flush-mounted, integrated LED lighting technology, OpenCubes create an impressive stylistic contrast with different colours, materials and solidity, emphasising the unique vertical structure and at the same time arranging a harmonious whole. The style-defining OpenCubes are precisely mitred and, with their stimulating mood lighting, not only skilfully stage beautiful and necessary elements, they also create an effective bathroom ambience at the same time. The specially developed bolt design ensures high stability even with free-floating shelving elements in the washbasin cabinet. An innovative rail was created for assembly.

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