Cosmos is a people-oriented bathroom shelf having different storage spaces, which may effectively manage the personal care appliances and small items in the bathroom.
1. Division of storage spaces
The big round hole can hold a hair dryer commercially available on the market. The track-shaped elliptical hole is suitable for an electrical shaver from main brands. The cell storage area and the sealed storage area can be used to store small items and temporarily place mobile phones, watches and so on. Cosmos will make your bathroom more tidy and save the time for rummage and storing.
2. Silica gel protects the electrical appliances from damage.
A protective pad made of silica gel is set at the edge of each hole, which is soft and elastic and can protect the electrical appliances from scratch.
3. Plug protection
A double-hole socket is offered at the right. Plug the plug into the socket (not alive) after using the hair dryer, so as to prevent the plug from being exposed to moist air and to prolong the lifespan of the plug. The wire will not hang down to the floor after being folded in half , so the users will not step on it.

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