Schell has developed the Xeris washbasin tap series for public and commercial sanitary rooms. The aesthetic quality is reflected by the slim and elegant form. Durable materials and design guarantee high quality and optimal usability. A prominent feature is the tap’s smooth surface which slopes gently downwards at the water outlet. The water’s flow direction is visually enhanced. The series includes self-closing models and electronic versions for contact-free operation. A special model is the sensor tap Xeris E-T with thermostat and scalding protection at the washbasin. Thanks to three different sizes, Xeris can be harmoniously integrated into any architectural environment and its well-balanced proportions ensure that hand-washing remains comfortable. Sturdy design, softly-flowing shapes and high-quality surfaces make them extremely resistant to environmental influences and vandalism. Xeris is made of drinking water-compliant materials. To prevent the issue of Legionella contamination, all electronic models have stagnation flush programs and the option for thermal disinfection.

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