“As functional as it is beautiful.” Working with Sebastian Conran Associates our objective was single minded: to make hand washing one seamless process, not a wet journey from sink to wall mounted dryer. We imagined three distinct but complementary deck mounted products: a sensor tap, a sensor soap dispenser and a dryer. Designed to sit and work together, the Ribbon products are faster with much less risk of splashing across a washroom and very quiet with the dryer operating 10 decibels lower than the average. The Ribbon hand dryer breaks all current conventions. Conceived to work alongside the Ribbon sensor tap and soap dispenser – or on its own – it is deck mounted, not wall mounted. It makes washing and drying the simple, refreshing experience it ought to be. Like all the Ribbon products it is cast from stainless steel. With its accoustically insulated 800W brushless motor the Ribbon blower is 10 decibels quieter than its competitors. The Ribbon utilises the Coanda effect by entraining ambient air into the force of the main air flow generated by the blower. This enables the blower to run at minimum speed, whilst delivering the maximum amount of air to the users hands.

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