This sophisticated design embodies dynamic movements of waves into soft yet powerful images while using beautiful curved lines on the exterior. For public use, this product adapted exterior design considering the usability as well as water saving sensors, but unlike the existing product, this product focused more on simplicity and elegance of the design itself by hiding the sensor window on the outside. Also, as for the technical aspect of this product, it is designed to provide a whole new level of sensor system and usability as it implemented a sensor system which detects users’ physical touch with a broader body sensing range compared to the existing sensor window.
As this product will be mainly used in public spaces, it was made to effectively conserve water with a wide sensor range and allows users to feel more pleasant and comfortable.
Considerations for costs such as productivity-
It was made to adjust in various environments as it is a new type of an auto faucet with technical improvements and design changes including the sensor screen which used to look unattractive as it was divided into parts.

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