Often we use the bucket, basin get water under the quick faucet, but these large container fill full takes a long time. This generated two questions:1.The user left the tap on the drain and get busy other things. This will lead to waste of water. 2.The user in order to save water by staying and waiting, but will waste precious time. This is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics of the product. To meet the needs of users for the purpose, the product import the water preset quantitative function, when the water reached the preset, the faucet automatically shut down. This product is suitable for large container with water and help users save water resources and valuable time, use more conveniently. With the switch and flow control handle designing in the outlet, users operate directly with water contact to avoid the wash hands of second dirty. With a simple and logical design language, the product creatively integrated the fashion clock element in the overall impression of simplicity, with the exact design proportion and exquisite detail, creating a product low-key and elegant unique visual temptation.

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