project springs
from a desire to create a tap that returns to the clean, simple,
archetypical shapes of early design: POP
a meeting of a straight line and a curve.
and innovation come together in
a harmonious and balanced blend with different materials. The clean,
simple lines of metal join hands with the softness of silicon in a
colorful, playful mix that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye.
“sensitive design” – sensitive to consumption and the
environment. It has special features that permit considerable energy
and water savings. With its colored, transparent silicon neck POP
cheerful and fun.
You can twist and bend the neck, change its color and it lights up in
the dark, to show the way. POP
safe because the spout is soft, and with its smooth finish is
pleasing to the touch. We can say that POP
innovative in structure and democratic in design, with models for
washbasins, bidets, bathtubs and showers.

is made of brass and is available with chrome, brushed steel, or
black and white lacquered finishes. The brass neck is available with
the same finish as the body or in colored silicon – in smoky black,
apple green, blueberry purple, apricot orange, milky
white and blue moon
brass neck rotates and all the taps are fitted with
aerators that deliver a mixture of air and water, shape the water
stream and increase perceived water pressure.

and energy savings receive special attention: POP
has a flow reducer that limits flow to a maximum of 4 lt/min. The
word position of the word ZAZZERI on the taps tells when the
cartridge is delivering cold water, so that the water heater does not
go into action unnecessarily. The Ø25 mm cartridge is also fitted
with a unique ring nut to control maximum water delivery temperature
and a device that lets you know when half the maximum water delivery
rate is reached to prevent accidental waste.
this new project, Zazzeri
once again confirms its dedication to innovation and originality –
the features that have made the brand an international leader in its

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