Point is a mechanical and electronic faucet advocating water conservation. The pull-out handle at the front end of the body makes the faucet convenient for use and may subtly change the users’ habit of using water by taking advantage of the “blue water level”, and thus realize the purpose of water conservation.

Advocating water conservation:
The “blue water level” will light after the handle is pulled out and “descend” as the handle is being pulled out; meanwhile, the water flow gets larger. The descending water level will remind the users to save the water.
Safe temperature control:
The water temperature may be adjusted by turning to the right, so we set a safe temperature to avoid the accidents caused by specific groups of people when they are using the water.
Convenient operation:
Push the handle back, and the temperature control will rest automatically.

Through the design concept of water conservation, we have defined the water-flow-like design style of Point.

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