MIKADO transforms any faucet’s water stream into a visual highlight as well as making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. With a pressure-independent, constant flow rate of 0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 l/min), it allows real savings in water and energy. Neoperl has succeeded in generating a whole new stream design with its MIKADO line of aerators. In contrast to the water flowing down in a straight vertical line, the MIKADO aerator generates a unique, grid-like spray pattern – its water jets create a surprisingly clear and harmonious effect in their delicate design idiom. Different spray designs have been created by adapting the geometric properties of the individual jets – from slim and close-meshed to an expansive, diverging spray pattern. Given that, because of its form, the spray loses density as it moves downwards, the force of the jets also ranges from pleasantly soft to massaging. In short, the innovative concept of MIKADO is a winner thanks to its visual appeal, its pleasant stream design and its water-saving effect.

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