In the 21st century, reasonable use of every inch of space and reduction of the environmental pollution caused by industrial product are two significant subjects for the designer. Such series big shower is designed in the principle of form following function, to perfectly integrate the product function with the appearance. The ultra-large platform can be placed body wash, shampoo and other toiletries. DIY hook on the right side is applied to hang the towel and bath ball, and the shower head socket at three different angles on the left side can fit the service demand of the people at different heights. The installation plate is equipped with level gauge to ensure the shower is installed horizontally. The offset connector has built-in muffler to reduce the noise and stabilize the water pressure. The main body of water copper is one-stage molded at low pressure, without polishing and electroplating process, so as to reduce the environmental pollution to the maximum extent. This series of products include 7 kinds of products with different functions, maximize the use of internal structure, and apply for mass and batch production.

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