One-touch showering pleasure! KLUDI PUSH is the innovative flow regulator for the concealed KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX. The mere push of a button is all it takes to direct the flow of water – to hand and overhead showers, to body jets and to bath spouts. All pushbutton options are supplied as standard with the unit. KLUDI PUSH comes in two different looks – with a round or a square escutcheon in soft-edge design. With the KLUDI PUSH concept, simultaneous operation of two functions is possible, for example, you could take a refreshing shower with both the overhead shower and side jets activated. All buttons are slightly raised, so that they are easily to locate even with shampoo in your hair. The sets are simple to operate in every situation, even for people with haptic limitations. The rate of flow to the hand shower can be seamlessly regulated as required using the eco-hose, which is optionally available.

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