Seeds are the beginning of all living plants, but not all seeds will be lucky enough to sprout and grow. That’s why each budding plant is a symbol of success and optimism. The spout of “Lucky 7” series looks like a growing plant stem, which will bring good luck and hope for any who use it.
In this faucet, handle’s round body refers to the seed and its slim part shows “roots of a growing plant”. A wall mounted spout represents just some kind of plant stem which was lucky enough to grow. Using a slim handle to open up faucet can be associated with a water stream in the real plant: from the roots through the steam to flowers and future seeds.
Its body shape makes the overall design to be quite succinct or concise, bringing up the minimalistic values into your bath interior. The simple and at the same time very elegant spout is equipped with a fine water saving aerator. In addition, Lucky-7’s spout can be adjusted to fit various basin sizes and designs. The slim and stylish handle simply complements the overall faucet design idea.

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