Product Profile – HARA Pull-Out Basin Mixer
Model Number: HARA FL7060
Time to Market: June, 2016
Material of Product: Brass

Product Description
Practical and user-friendly, from its functions to design.
1. Elegant shape with smooth surface of the faucet.

2. Tilted design prevents accumulation of water on the faucet surface.

3. Aesthetic water drop faucet knob design, smooth and effortless to open.

4. Extensive 200° rotary valve, the preset water temperature is regulated in two stages by the faucet knob: from cool to warm and from warm to hot. This setting in two steps prevents users from hot shocks and fluctuating water temperature is no longer an issue. Moreover, it’s energy saving, faucet water begins with cool temperature when it is switched on, without falsely activate the boiler.

5. A flexible pull-out spout is integrated within the faucet, fulfills various need of users when using, from hand to hair washing.

6. Two types of water flow: smooth changing of the spray settings by rotating the spout of the pull-out shower head. The soft rain spray setting is primarily designed for hand washing and the strong rain setting is for hair washing.

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