The wireless controller has been thoughtfully created with a hybrid interface to aid the transition from mechanical to digital. Simply turn the product on, twist the outer ring to increase water flow and press the plus or minus button to increase or decrease the temperature. For enhanced safety and comfort, an LED ring gives instant visual feedback on the water temperature. The outer ring of the controller features GROHE ProGrip,a textured surface which emphasises the point of interaction and acts as a reassuring grip for wet hands.

The simple aesthetic is based on a series of concentric circles, which frame the areas of interaction and guide the user intuitively.

GROHE Digital comprises two compact wireless digital modules; the “controller” and the “diverter”. The three-way diverter allows you to effortlessly switch between a variety of draw-off points. For example in the shower; the head shower, hand shower or body sprays can be selected at the touch of a button.

The wireless controller for the basin, bidet, bath and shower can be placed in any position and on any surface for maximum user comfort, creating greater design freedom. For convenience and performance, energy-efficient electronics and product features result in a battery lifetime of three years. The flexible digital “control module” can also be used in conjunction with our kitchen lines such as the new K7 collection.

The most price sensitive digital device we have ever created. Reducing the gap between mechanical and digital ensures more people have access to this amazing technology. Digital technology will both enhance the experience in the bathroom and save an immense amount of water.

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