With its modern, elegant design, GR series will make your bath life richer.
The perfect balance of the square-shaped design and the gently curved surface and sharp edge provided on the handle and top surface of the spout makes for an elegant presence. The reflection of light and the surroundings on the elegant polyhedron form of GR series shows a fresh appearance each time you use the faucet.
The absence of a projecting part at the tip of the spout has improved ease of cleaning and enhanced the external appearance, maintaining the beauty of the faucet indefinitely. The original valve, developed based on human emotions, has achieved lasting comfort and smooth operation of the handle.
The improved valve performance has also enabled accurate control with small water flows, something that is difficult to achieve with a single-lever faucet. By providing a water flow appropriate to each need, wasted use of water is reduced.
The handle and body of the GR series reflects light and shines like a jewel. It not only functions as a water faucet, but provides color as an accessory to your bathroom.

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