Damixa proudly presents the brand new Damixa Free giving water with the wave of a hand. Damixa Free is a new touchless tap in an elegant, streamlined design – simple yet solving many of the challenges electronic taps are exposed to.

The aim with Damixa Free was to design an electronic tap without the heavy and clumsy look that often follow older models. Standing in front of the Damixa Free only the simple circular lid will be visible adding a sense of lightness and pure functionality to the product.

Damixa Free is designed with a focus on durability, cleaning friendly-ness and extensive use – especially for use in common public areas where a large amount of self-protection is also needed. Thus, Free is constructed as a strong steel tube, with locked access to the battery function and with the choice of a temperature handle – making it almost impossible to destroy or vandalize.

This touchless tap not only contributes to better hygiene, it also saves water and energy, while it can withstand extensive use. It is designed by Damixa’s own in-house Danish designer Claus Rantzau focusing on easy-to-use features and energy-saving functions.

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