Innovation: The design of Eva stems from the concept of European minimalism, which is the
perfect combination of golden cut radian measure and geometrical line according to the human
engineering. It is the integration of art and technique. It is manufactured with Bi-color plating
technique, mirror chrome plating and baking finish, which is a unibody design with seamless joint technique, giving you the linear and modern sense.
Utility: The spout of Eva series inclines 15 degree, which is a perfect fair use of angel to make
it easier to be washed. What’s more, coin-open style aerator is easy for installation and cleaning.
Environmental Friendliness: Eva series is made of refined lead-free copper which has got
ABS1953 lead-free certification in California, USA, to ensure not any harmful substances, which
add important protection for users’ health.
Aesthetic Property: Our designers orchestrate Eva series by concept of pureness, freshness
and sensibility, and Eva series is a new morphological language of these words. All the functions
are integrated “invisible” inside the products, so the visible fantastic shape becomes outside

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