The TrueOfuro bathtub’s design concept was derived from the traditional Japanese Ofuro and reworked to add a contemporary European design flavour.

Soft, rounded surfaces were used to achieve visually pleasant shapes that combine with the warm, silky smooth solid surface material properties and natural real wood accessories, creating the appeal of a natural and ecologically friendly product.

The vertical seating position with small back leaning angle ensures a comfortable seating position and fully submersed bathing experience. The ergonomically shaped bath rim was designed in such a way that it serves as an integral headrest for the utmost comfort.

The wide rim design provides support and greatly improves bathers’ ability to get in and out of the bath with ease.

The bath height has been selected in such way that it ensures a comfortable seating for people of average height and taller (166cm and taller).

If needed, the bath can be supplemented by a style matching wooden step that greatly eases the bather’s ability to get in and out of the bath.

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