A peaceful haven

Origami is the age-old Japanese art of paper folding, where you express your creativity through the geometric folding of a single sheet of paper. The figures that emerge are not the end but the means of developing patience and achieving calmness of mind and spirit. This is the essence of Aquavia Spa’s Origami hot tub, a stylish piece with a modern design which combines physical, emotional and aesthetic well-being.

Reminiscent of Zen and with a minimalist style, the Origami hot tub is a hydromassage bathtub which envelops you completely: in addition to the carefully studied location of its hydromassage jets (27) and hot air nozzles (12), it comes with its own chromatherapy system (Colour Sense) including colour sequences with underwater LED lights, 5-channel surround sound controlled by Bluetooth and aromatherapy with exclusive fragrances that are released through the bubbles.

This understated yet stunning designer hot tub with multi-device remote control (Wifi Touch Panel) includes high-performance water treatment and energy efficiency technologies. As close as you can get to the perfect machine. Simply inspired by the Japanese art of pape

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