NAMUR Lounge bathtub

Welcome to your personal lounge area – the new NAMUR Lounge. This exclusive interpretation of the award-winning Namur bathtub unites a sweeping, elegant design with the extraordinary comfort of a lounger: a winning combination. When viewing the model from the outside, the aesthetic shape cannot fail to impress, along with the rims that fan out so delicately – a testament to the outstanding quality of the finish. Then, as you come closer and further examine the interior of the bathtub, you will notice and admire the ergonomically adjustable reclining position, and clever details such as the innovative water outlet on the side that channels waste water for drainage. The NAMUR Lounge is similar to all bathtubs made from Solique, in that the material is not just appealing and elegant, but also extremely robust and very well insulated, allowing for long hours of relaxing bathing, and lounging enjoyment.

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