Juliet raises the bar by simultaneously offering consumers a unique shape that sets it apart
and ergonomic interior contours with a highly effective air bath system that is the most hygienic in the world.
The Juliet tub has an organic design and dramatic fluid lines that flow asymmetrically in counterpoint. What makes this tub unique is that as your viewing angle changes, so does its shape to your eyes. If you will, the form moves with you. At one particular angle the infinity symbol is evident by the tub’s asymmetrical design. The Juliet is an exemplary display of the unity of form and function.
Juliet is crafted of MTI Bath’s proprietary Engineered Solid Stone®, which is a mixture of ground natural minerals and high-performance resins. The mixture itself is approximately 65% organic.
And the construction is 100% solid.
There is a growing trend for freestanding tubs that are creatively designed and produced using high-quality materials. Organic materials and tubs that are visually dramatic and can express personality are in high demand. Tubs are positioned as works of art as much as bathing vessels and as such, become the focal point of the bathroom.

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