Sleek and rectangular on the outside, smooth and organic on the inside. The free-standing, two-person Hammock bath is as balanced as a sculpture. And the Kaldur mixer tap mirrors these smooth, flowing forms. This simultaneous unity elevates wellness to a new level – the taste of water paired with high-quality materials. This inviting bath made from white acrylic is generously sized: 200 cm long, 140 cm wide, and 50 cm deep. This two-person tub was designed for enjoying together or with the kids. The Hammock has a stop-go plug and features an elongated, slender overflow. The elegant Kaldur mixer tap is made from polished chrome, but stands out thanks to the coloured shower head. With a soft touch finish, this shower head feels particularly nice in the hands. The Kaldur mixer tap emerges like a free-standing high-rise next to your bath. An exciting pair for a relaxing duo bath.

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