Innovative glass bathtub, moulded entirely from a single glass sheet. Thermoformed using patented technology in fireproof concrete moulds, ensuring full repeatability of the product. Perfect closure of stresses in the glass during firing, giving resistance of the glass to thermal shock. Perfect straightness of the product is obtained, with no linear deformation due to high temperatures. Can be 100% recyclable. Possibility of obtaining any shape of the moulded bowl, any glass profile and any RAL colour. Possibility of both single-piece and high volume production. Glass is a good insulator of heat. The thicker it is the better the performance. Filling thick glass with water will result in the maintenance of warmth for a longer time without the need to add more warm water. Thus energy and water consumption is reduced.
Bathtub: built-in or free-standing bowl. Full resistance to chemicals (no yellowing or discolouration), no signs of ageing. Highest quality, hygienic product. No bonding or joins where fungus can develop. Possibility of many decorative techniques: sandblasting, frosting, opaque painting, semi-translucent painting for LED illumination, engraving, mosaic tiling, etc.

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