Spindry is a toilet brush that spins dry and clean. A short sharp squeeze of the handle spins the brush head to hygienically dry the bristles and remove trapped particles. This allows drip free replacement into it’s canister.

Spindry’s canister can be moved by squeezing the brush handle so the canister never needs to be touched – useful when cleaning the floor around the brush. Spindry also features a weighted base, making it harder to accidentally knock over.

The handle is shaped to inform and facilitate both the scrubbing and squeezing actions. Aesthetic choices have been made with a considered minimalism in order to reflect the Dreamfarm range and blend into a bathroom environment. The white mirrored and satin surfaces also allow for easy cleaning and sanitising.

Spindry is designed to be a durable long-term item using thick nylon plastic. The brush bristles are attached with copper clips to prevent rust from forming. Recycled materials were used where possible, and replacement brush heads are available and easily changed over.

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