No more bottles of shower gel toppling over and causing chaos: SHAPL will bring some order to your bathroom!

You know how it goes. You actually only wanted to grab the shower gel, but suddenly all of the containers from shampoo to conditioner and hair treatments come tumbling down. It is equally annoying when you have to first tidy numerous tubes and bottles out of the way before you can wipe the edge of your sink or bath. But thankfully there’s now SHAPL to put an end to this typical bathroom chaos.

A tidy shower and surroundings

SHAPL is an innovative storage system that will tidy up your bathroom. This is because the SHAPL containers are filled with shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion or any other body care products – and then hung up! SHAPL’s well thought-through design provides for the containers to be clicked together and then attached to the wall easily and tidily using a suction pad. The tidy and practical storage system is suitable for home or travel.

Makes life simpler

The SHAPL storage system is precisely the type of everyday helper that you have been waiting for: It can be filled easily and is environmentally friendly, is simple to use and to clean and looks attractive and neat. The set of 3 containers, each of which holds 65 ml, provides enough space for your own care products. Furthermore, the practical size ensures that SHAPL can also be taken in your carry-on luggage when flying without any trouble.


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