sen7 is a refillable fragrance atomizer which now allows you to carry your favourite fragrance around with you. Whether dining out, on business, at sport or travelling, sen7 gives you the freedom to re-apply your fragrance throughout the day. As smooth as a pebble sen7 nestles in your and hand and slips snugly into a jacket, handbag or sports bag.

The sen7 is made from a solid metal die cast; this metal casing protects the perfume from light and outside influences. It has a patented spraying technique with an easy way of filling from your fragrance. The new “easyfill”: simple and sophisticated, with just one hand the sen7 can be filled by spraying directly into the tank by removing the spray head from the original bottle. The new security valve makes sen7 absolutely leak proof. Beyond that, the modern and clear design makes sen7 a good looking unisex product for gifting or personal use.

The sen7 comes in a multitude of colours which allows you to colour code your fragrance, occasion or current fashion trend, with more designs in the pipe line there is never a reason to be without your sen7

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