The product speaks of an uninterrupted linear anatomy with a minimalistic monochromatic vocabulary; that defines its précised design nature. tackles three major issues in a typical toilet-accessories’ layout. First- ease of access; nowadays all bathroom accessories are wall mounted, thereby limiting accessibility. Secondly- cleaning the toilet is tedious, as all the clutter needs to be removed and put back in place. Lastly, the visual aesthetic of a clean bathroom by combining various functions in a single product liberates and lends a neat impression to the overall sanitary experience. is designed keeping in mind the aforementioned issues. It is an independent accessory stand for toilets, that brings together a self-supporting system comprising of a towel hanger, toilet paper holder, a tray for toiletries and a dustbin cum storage bin. Redefining space planning in bathrooms, it frees the walls of busy shelving arrangements and fixtures. Being self-defined, it has the ability to de-clutter and add efficiency to even the most conventional bathroom setups. This metal product can be easily coordinated with different color stories as per the toilet.

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