People have always been craving to be completely  relaxed in a tranquil bathroom. The Origin Accessories realize people’s desirablity by holding their armours and glories appropriately and offering a wide range of possibilities of imagination.
Materializing abstract lines bringing art into life within the bathroom space, Origin Accessories include three dynamic hooks, an open-ended towel rack and a cleverly designed toilet paper rack. The hooks demonstrates a dynamic image and and invigorates the silent spare .
The pivot point of the towel rail lessens damage to the wall, allowing towels to be hung with a horizontal movement which saves energy and time, and it’s especially very considerate to elderly and children.
Having gone through countless tests, the elegant toilet paper rack has found the perfect bend level which not only protects toilet paper from splashing water but also extends into space for additional storage by its ingenious design of bending.
Origin Accessories integrates uses’ concerns about safety and comfort in every detail by making all edges rounded. It is the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, creating a unique harmonious space.

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