By simply stepping on to the Mi Body Fat Scale, users are able to receive up to 10 different types of data of their body such as weight, BMI, muscle mass, water, bone mass and so on. The design of the product took a minimalistic approach to ensure it fits into different environments. The ultra thin body is only 14.75 mm around the edge, yet supports up to 150Kg. Four big rounded footpads at the corners make the scale stable when in use. To achieve a seamless and integrated appearance, the LED display is hidden underneath the white ABS body. It lights up only when in use. Four stainless steel plates offer more accurate reading and are more durable compared to aluminum plates used in most competition products. A selection of accessories such as carpet feet and silicone covers are available. Since the measuring requires bare feet, the silicone cover makes the scale soft and comfortable to step onto. It also prevents the scale from getting dirty. Furthermore, users are able to choose from a variety of colors to make the scale best fit their bathroom color. With a retail price of only 20 euros, Mi Body Fat Scale makes the technology accessible to the majority of consumers in China.

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