Health index scale:
ITO conductive coating which on the scale surface contact with the user’s feet, measure the bio-impedance through a certain safety current. Then based on the APP user’s information in the cell phone and the measured bio-impedance, use the science calculation formula which come from widely experiments, we can accurately measure body fat percentage, body water percentage, body muscle percentage, bone mass etc. about more than 20 kinds of body composition data. Based on the health indicators , the intelligent scale would give suggestions like exercise, nutrition, lifestyle etc., instruct specialized in personal health management, disease early warning and weight loss. Meanwhile via APP, the information would store on your phone, build series databases, provide to users perfect health management platform.Combined with medical data and usability, this scale is a good helper for family health.
Innovation on the appearance,Changing original built-in boss type transmission mode of ITO conductive coating, and adopts a new solution:the edge transmission: provide the surface with smoothness and completeness, ensure users have more comfortable experience.

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