Our claim “Simply. Beautifully. Organised” describes the idea of Sort Your Life. With a combination of simple functionality and handling as well as harmonious, beautiful design, we develop products that contribute to a better organised life – no more rummaging in commercially available boxes made of paper, wickerwork, or Plexiglas. With “Harmony”, the elegantly round form gave the name together with the inner sorting system for selected favourite cosmetics, grooming products or very personal everyday objects. Form and material of the product are combined to achieve a puristic kind of beauty. With the lid’s wooden border, the white Corian body forms an aesthetic union. Automatic impact absorption cushions the closing of the lid. The flexible removable inner sorting system corresponds with the lid’s wooden décor. Without the inner sorting system, very personal storage ideas can be realised: men’s care, “this” and “that” in the living room, for private treasures in sleeping quarters or work area as well as any place where a little bit of order additionally enhances the atmosphere or sets highlights.

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