The way of approaching to the bathoom and its functions is daily evolving and the FLY bathroom acccessories collection aims to understand and satisfy these new aspects of the « Millennial Generation ». The accessory is not static but dinamic. The elements must be multifunctional, interchangeable and versatile… in a few words they must be « CROSS » and chameleonic, able to be moved easily from one room to another.
Fly is therefore a contemporary, fresh and design oriented collection characterized by two important factors : nimbleness and flexibility ; two aspects that travel on two parallel tracks ; the first being aesthetic and the second functional but both aiming to the achievement of a balanced, pleasing and multifunctional collection.

A slanting metal band magically supports a range of « cross » accessories. It is not very clear what is structural and what is not, how the accessories are laid on the band and how the band itself could support the accessories. This game defines the appearance of the collection and it confers to the collection itself an aspect of nimbleness and absolute inconsistency.
To this point we have combined a wide range of accessories, containers

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