BARDON is a sculptural soap dispenser for commercial public lavatories, with intuitive interaction and innovative features to effectively save water and time.

BARDON is more a piece of art than an object of everyday use. The round shape makes it bold and outstanding, and its chrome plating finishing matches perfectly with most public toilet interior designs.

Not only aesthetically pleasing, BARDON also has innovative features. It prevents the common soap-dripping issue by using a newly patented air-blowing technology and internal pipe-bending structures. Moreover, the LED indicates to users when dispensing starts and finishes. This intuitive design reduces the chance to miss catching the soap and make a mess. It also shows when to refill the soap and breakdown information. This intuitive interface is more friendly for users and simpler to maintain for cleaning staff. Its app allows remote management of repairs and refills. It is extremely handy for the maintainer, especially when there are dozens of BARDON in a big shopping mall with several floors.

BARDON efficiently saves soap and reduces the frequency of cleaning. Sustainably save soap, save water and save time.

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