AMIRO LUX is a desktop mirror that applies the PureLux technology, offering accurate light in order to clearly indicates user’s skin conditions, helps people to process skincare and makeup more efficiently and precisely. Mirrors, as the basic tool that people work with every day in makeup and skincare, can hardly meet users’ needs about seeing their subtle skin problems and foundation colors precisely, as the environment light always disturb the visual experience and can not reflect the real skin conditions. Traditional light-mirrors only pay attention to the R1 – R8(Color Rendering Index range), but neglect the R9, R13 and R15(skin-based lighting solution range), however, AMIRO LUX redefines the mirror light technology with paying more attention to the R9, R13 and R15, creates a new light bulb and control system to offer users with better makeup and skincare experience.
For the product design, AMIRO LUX learns from the abstract relationship of the moon and the sun, when people approaching AMIRO LUX at a pre-set distance, it will light up automatically, just like the moon which reflects sunshine and illuminates the shades.

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