This solution was designed for convenient and easy use by combining the soap trey and the corner-mounted shelf.
The soap trey combined with the corner-mounted shelf enables users to conveniently use the soap while using the shelf. In particular, the soap trey is detachable, enabling easy cleaning. The projected part above the bracket which is necessary for wall mounting was removed, allowing a wider space for holding of items.
The corner-mounted shelf usually holds items for taking a shower, including the soap. To use the soap, a user needs to purchase an additional soap trey and place the trey on top of the shelf, or make the soap melted by keeping it on the shelf. By combining the corner-mounted shelf with the soap trey, usability and conveniences were maximized.
Tempered glass was used to maximize safety in case of breakage, and the guide was installed to prevent falls of items. To maximize the space to hold items, the design of the bracket was innovated. The soap trey was made as an detachable part for easy cleaning.
Real glass and ABS which are recyclable were used, and productivity based on the environmental standards was considered.

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