Shedrain’s commitment to ongoing specialist research into high wind environments has led to major advancements in the frame and canopy of a new high-performance umbrella, the VortexVent.

An innovative Anti-Inversion-Strut (AIS) system mechanically strengthens the ribs of the frame, limiting flex and ultimately preventing the canopy from inverting in high winds. The unique contours of the AIS slide together with precision allowing for an even more compact and streamlined collapsed profile.

The carefully evolved VortexVent canopy is comprised of two vented layers designed to release high wind through a full 360°. Large vents in the base layer allow for rapid depressurisation, while elastic ties on the outer layer vents, ensures the canopy quickly and reliably returns to its aerodynamic form.

The VortexVent is designed to perform effortlessly in extreme weather conditions.

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