This Holly modern umbrella is derived from the legend of Luban’s.Luban imagined a rough structure of “umbrella”from pavilion creation.
1.its extreme function of wind resistance applies to the principle of flow mechanics and air mechanics.
2.the design of this umbrella is completely based on ergonomic design, with data analysis,to consider different kinds of people’s height.
3.its opening and closing function is adopted from traditional structure of mortise and tenon to make it open and close more easily.
4.Yongjia invented special dual-safety wire at runner, which can avoid the possiblility of harm of touching.
5.the fabic has good function of shading, heat insulation, waterproofing and so on,its UPF is 1000+.
Overall, this modern umbrella is not only a kind of safety umbrella but also a practical one.

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