At first the extraordinary slim silhouette and the little weight of the closed golf umbrella attract attention. The eponymous basic figure for this umbrella is a square, even though right angles have been forgone and a frame with eight ribs has been chosen for best possible stability and ideal strain of the umbrella cover. The shape of the opened canopy looks like a chamfered square and has been reused consequently in all visible details. Not only handle and top, even the tips at the end of the ribs share the identical outline. The shaft made of black anodized aluminium as well as the innovative safety runner of the manual open umbrella make use of this consistent design concept too. The runner unlocks itself hearable and tactile with a gentle push or pull before snapping securely into the final position. For ergonomic use the slim, straight soft-touch handle has been formed concave, while the runner has been designed convex. Due to the smooth transition like a flat waveform those two elements build an exceptional visual unit.

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