The practical Track Jack luggage collection from Crumpler offers the right tear-resistant and waterproof bag for everything from short day trips to long-distance travels. The sophisticated features turn a simple accessory into a functional yet stylish pack. Crumpler luggage has been painstakingly developed, with every detail from the zipper to the compartment thoroughly thought through to provide maximum comfort for its owner. With the wide range of bag models of different sizes, you will be perfectly equipped for any occasion.

Sturdy and waterproof thanks to denier nylon

To make sure the bags look good and are suitable for everyday use, they are made from a special nylon fabric that combines three important characteristics.

  1. The 1,000 denier nylon on the outside of the Track Jack bags is specially finished to reliably protect against rainwater.
  2. The 330 denier Ripstop nylon is responsible for making the bags tear-resistant and resilient, ensuring that each piece of luggage has a long life span even if used often
  3. The Soft 210T nylon lining on the interior of the Crumbler collection prevents technical devices from getting scratched and allows even delicate fabrics to be stored gently and securely.

The right bag for every occasion

The luggage collection comprises five pieces:

The Board Backpack is the ideal carry-on bag for globetrotters. Like all Crumpler travel bags, it is waterproof and very sturdy. It has a roomy internal compartment that you can keep tidy using mesh pockets. It also has an external compartment for a 13-inch laptop as well as a cord exit for headphones and side compression straps for holding a jacket or a water bottle. The contemporary travel backpack has a total volume of 40 litres.

The light Barrel Backpack makes every day trip a real pleasure. The nylon backpack has a volume of 28 litres. It features a large and spacious internal compartment, an internal laptop compartment and a tablet compartment. The external pocket allows fast access to all the small items you need when on the go. Various handles on the exterior and front allow you to carry the bag in a variety of ways.
The flat Track Jack Board Case can be used as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. A fold-out reflective stripe on the side also keeps you safe when walking at night. The Board Case offers space for a 17-inch laptop as well as lots of room for other important items. A zipped extension pleat provides an additional ten centimetres if needed. The backpack has a total volume of 50 litres. The Day Backpack is the perfect companion for your city tour. The size of its main compartment can be adjusted by rolling the material up or down. It offers space for a 13-inch laptop and, with its comfortable padded back and adjustable shoulder straps, even lets you pack heavy gifts. It has a volume of 17 litres. Trolley L is the largest piece in the luggage collection. With a volume of 110 litres, it replaces a suitcase even on a longer trip. The telescopic handle and two-wheel rolling system allow for effortless transportation. In addition to the large main compartment, it features mesh pockets on the side, outer compartments and a hidden zip-fastened compartment that can be reached from the inside and the outside.

Travel bags from Crumpler – bags of experience since 1995

For over 20 years, Crumpler has been painstakingly creating functional travel bags with love and dedication that have culminated in the Track Jack collection. The thought-through system of compartments in Crumpler travel bags sets new standards and is revolutionary in the development of travel bags. As lightweight bags that are still tear-resistant, sturdy and waterproof, Crumpler bags are also extremely versatile, suitable for every journey from a day trip to a long-haul holiday.

Product features

  • External material: 1,000 denier nylon weave, 330 denier Ripstop nylon
  • Internal material: 210T nylon weave
  • Each piece of luggage contains a separate laptop or tablet compartment
  • 5 pieces:
    1 Board Backpack: Volume: 40 litres, outer size: 38,0 x 53,5 x 20,0 cm, empty weight: 1,46 kg
    Barrel Backpack: Volume: 28 litres, outer size: 31,0 x 53,0 x 20,0 cm, empty weight: 786 g
    Board Case: Volume: 50 litres, outer size: 55,0 x 40,0 x 33,0 cm, empty weight: 1,26 kg
    Day Backpack: Volume: 17 litres, outer size: 34,0 x 52,0 x 16,0 cm, empty weight: 522 g
    Trolley L: Volume: 110 litres, outer size: 42,0 x 80,0 x 33,0 cm, empty weight: 4,2 kg
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