This timeless collection is streamlined by a classic elegant shape, with a subtle modern twist on the side creating a feeling of movement which makes it stand out! The design of starfire reflects a blast of kinetic energy created by the tension between the lines. We feel the inspiration from automotive design in the way the surfaces fade out into eachother. The shape is simple yet defined by the contradiction between the sidelines that cut into the main shell shape like a stroke of a pen. This movement has been translated to the logo shape and the borders above the wheelhousing. Starfire is meant to reach for the skies with high rising lines that fade out like falling stars. The length of these lines is accentuated by the rough diamond shaped texture and the design of the handles and pullers. The double wheels with conical axles provide the user with utmost flexibility while being very lightweight. The collection will consist of 4 different metallic colors: The orange rusty fire of morning skies that clears up to become a bright silver in the day, turns vibrant blue in the evening and falls asleep in the anthracite of night. Starfire will move you through this change with style.

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