The unique frame and its well-conceived cross-ribbing are moulded in one piece from a polycarbonate-ABS blend in an injection moulding process. The combination of the positive material properties ensures that the frame is extremely stable and light. A frame suitcase also provides reliable protection against breaking open and is particularly water-repellent thanks to the lip between the shells of the case. The intuitive lock system, developed especially for the PRIOR, comes with excellent security. The patent-pending lock system offers a very high standard of protection and can withstand forces up to half a metric ton. The PRIOR is lovingly made by hand in a facility in Bavaria so that it is a true quality product Made in Germany. Senolite® is an enhanced polycarbonate; it is unique in the suitcase industry and was developed exclusively in cooperation with TITAN. Very small air bubbles are enclosed in the material thanks to a special processing of the raw material in the manufacture of the Senolite® plates. As a result, the material becomes 20% lighter while maintaining the same stability.

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