This is new stopper break caster suitcase.
When you house the carry bar handle in to the suitcase and press, the stopper will be ON, lock the suitcase casters.

When you press button and pull out the carry bar handle, the stopper will be OFF, unlock the suitcase casters.

It is very convenient when you stop on sloping road, or in airplane, in train, in bus etc. unstable place. Only you have to do is house the carry bar handle into the suitcase and press!
There is a small window below the carry bar handle, to recognize by that color and the letters.

Previous-generation stopper was placed on suitcase’s back side, it was a knob. People forget about the stopper and start walking without unlock very often, so that the suitcase didn’t run, easy to break the stopper and its built-in stopper system. We invent this new carry handle stopper system, and people never forget to unlock the stopper!

We have a patent, so this in only one system in the world.

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