Nimbus All Weather Suitcase
Inspired by the universal experience of being caught in the rain unprepared, the Nimbus All Weather suitcase was conceived as a way to enjoy rainy journeys, safe in the knowledge that your belongings, and a dry set of clothes, are fully protected until arrival.
To achieve this vision, the structure and every component of the suitcase was analyzed and designed holistically to minimize the potential for water penetration. Months of rigorous testing both in a laboratory and on the road led to a truly refined design that has been certified with the international standard IPX3 rating for water-resistance. The Nimbus All Weather suitcase ensures a full 6 hours of continuous rain exposure without water penetration.
The use of high-visibility color accents throughout the design are practical, yet carefully applied for a stylish appearance. The rounded forms of the scratch-resistant polycarbonate shells and components are inspired by the shapes of raindrops.

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