This piece of luggage with its casual look innovatively combines the robustness of a hard shell with the flexibility of soft luggage on 4 wheels. The frame and structural elements on the front are compactly integrated into the base, making the front very soft and flexible while the rear side is predominantly stiff. This is first piece of casual luggage to incorporate four wheels and a base plate that divides the case into two equal halves that can be packed separately. The construction, which is patent-pending, is embedded in a water-repellent soft shell of 2-tone polyester outer material made from recycled PET bottles, tested for harmful substances. A range of features such as a fold-out drinks holder on the rear (patent-pending), a detachable partition that can be removed and hung up directly in the wardrobe, side pockets with a hard shell lining for fragile items such as sunglasses, an all-round double zip that makes it much more difficult to prise the case open, with a ballpoint pen for example, all help to make your trip as relaxed as possible.

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