People are curious about the world. Movement and change is all around so there is no time to wait. Mixmesh is a casual and sporty product to follow travelers through their next journeys.

The use of mesh material is the heart of the concept. The combination of two-tone mesh laminated on polycarbonate and contemporary detailing ensures a distinctive look.

Front and back are surrounded with a wide chamfer to make the case stronger. Rounded edges soften the shape, to be fluid. The components fully follow the design identity thanks to converging lines.

Priority is given to the protection. The mesh is scratch resistant, supported further by a piping. That piping offers a perfect position for the branding, which is readable from two views on the spinner. The logo is inspired by labels used in apparel creating a link with the soft material of mesh.

The asymmetric side makes the design elegant and powerful.

Colors are key, the body mesh itself as well as the accents used. Mixing different color threads makes the overall styling exclusive providing a complete new look to the usual polycarbonate.

More fun and playful, Mixmesh is very recognizable and aims to become iconic.

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