The Mendoza MAR-X seeks to set voyagers’ sights beyond the horizon and look to the final frontier. Daring and nonconformist, it embodies the endless possibilities of space travel. It is named in recognition and anticipation of the increasing convergence of science fact and fiction in the sphere of space settlement, the Red Planet.
Three original design factors are stamped in the pioneering mentality on the Series: an innovative 3D case, smart mobility features and creative internal storage.
The magnesium alloy frame with reinforced rubber seal enhances storage space, making it lighter yet stronger and more shock-resistant. The dual grips enable two people to move and carry the case horizontally. As a bold and original move, it boasts a one-piece streamlined aluminium pull handle, smoothly projecting the concept’s simplicity and style. The exclusive embedded TSA-approved spring lock with dual safeguard strips provides total peace of mind in trademark fashion. The shell’s mirror finish reflects an uncompromising care and attention to detail in pursuit of aesthetic perfection and practical value.
Innovative, enticing, light-weight & durable by Mendoza Mar-X.

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