Lite Shock.

Samsonite is constantly pushing the limits of innovation, by creating some of the world’s strongest and lightest suitcases: Lite Shock. The inspiration for the design comes from nature : its shock-absorbing shell design is based on the ripple-effect that appears when dropping a stone in the water. This self-reinforced organic design (patented) gives extra strength to the case, especially in the corners, as the ridges are going around them. The principle is also associated with modern industrial design: the shape of an object should be primarily based upon its intended function. Design follows function. In parallel all components are purified: allowing less material for more strength… On top Lite-shock comes with 4 natural colours. All this created for the caring explorer targeting the unisex frequent traveller who demands for the lightest suitcase with a lot of importance of durability. Only 2,5 kg for the Sp 75. Only 1.7 kg for the Sp 55. Airlines are forcing consumers to reduce the weight of what they can take with them. Market research shows that lightweight is mentioned by 56 % of consumers as key purchasing criteria.

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