Inspired by architecture and car industry, the Lite Bizz is strongly eye catching, modern and with a though appeal, perfectly suitable for the modern business traveller. The straight ribs, that gives structure and strength to the suitcase, runs through the front of the shell till the side changing angle of inclination, creating attractive light’s effect.

Lite Bizz is Samsonite’s first Curv collection with an integrated fully recessed front pocket. This dedicated cabin size collection is designed to offer immediate access to travel documents, business and personal belongings at the security check-point. The peculiar construction of the front pocket maximize the opening area, thanks to the special wide opening that runs through two axes, front and top.

This is a suitcase extremely strong and extremely light, equipped with an highly innovative single point integrated TSA locking system that allows the users to lock safely the front pocket and the main compartment in one time. The suitcase is provided with a double tube pull handle with integrated ID tag and with big double wheels. Lite Bizz combines striking practical models, blending the best of features and components

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