ITO proudly presents the GINKGO collection of aluminum frame, hard-shell luggage.

The look of the GINKGO collection emphasizes clean lines and streamlined design, combining oriental simplicity and modern minimalism. The range of colors is warm and subdued, a good match for any travel. The aluminum telescopic handles have been specially ordered in the same colors as the cases, for a tidy, harmonious look.

Inspired by the common “twist to open” mechanism, the design team developed a new lock, quite unlike the traditional suitcase clasp. The proprietary PEBBLE locks open the case with an intuitive twist, just like turning on a radio.

ITO’s unique hard and soft luggage liners can be customized accordingly to our own habits and journey. The liners have a flexible frame and separated mesh sides, to ensure that everything in your case is well protected from shocks and jars. Liners can be neatly secured to the shell with straps.

No flashy shell, no remarkable background stories – ITO GINKGO attracts with its understated exterior, durability and remarkable ease of use.

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